Elastic Tie Hair Band Bangle

Elastic Tie Hair Band Bangle

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These are the most amazing invention ever!! Not sure what your looking at?? Well these amazing bangles hold your hair ties! Carry a hair elastic on your wrist in a way that’s elegant AND keeps your wrist indent-free. These bracelets are made of stainless steel with a shiny metallic finish, and they cleverly hold—and disguise—hair elastics. Slip the bracelet on, then slip your elastic over, and secure it in the groove. You’ll be ready to toss your hair back at a moment’s notice, but with a simple design that will blend into or enhance just about any outfit. Accommodates both skinny and thick hair tie .

  • Designed to hold hair bands in place
  • Hair tie not included
  • Nickel free
  • Materials: stainless steel
  • Bangle width: 10mm
  • Bangle diameter: 2.6”

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