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Vaccine Card Holders

If you’ve gotten the COVID vaccine lately, you probably noticed why ordinary wallets will soon be obsolete. The vaccine cards don’t fit into them, and your vaccine card is probably the most important document to have on you from now on! And with potential booster shots to be taken, and therefore future updates to be added to the card, you don’t want to have it folded up! That’s why we put together this collection of vaccine card holders that not only will protect your card at all times, but also come in 6 stunning patterns that make them as stylish as they are handy.


⦿ Display Vaccination Card at Airlines for Quick Entry.
⦿ Use and Reuse for a Health Record Keeper.
⦿ Great for Teachers, Students, Nurses, Office Employees, Doctors, Government Officials, Police, volunteers, and More.
⦿ Waterproof, sealable, durable clear card pouch which keeps contents safe and dry.
⦿ Dual-use hanging slot/holes design, the middle slot for lanyard, keychain or retractable carabiner reel clip, both side holes for the cord/strap/string/thread.
⦿ Use for Meetings, Senior Centers, Reunions, Festivals, Retreats, Family & School Reunions, Store Tags, Fundraisers.
⦿ The maximum Suitable card size is 4" L x 3" W.
⦿ Product dimension -  4 x 3''

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Personal Protection Made Easier!

Just like most of us, you must have struggled with at least one of these! An ear-bothering strap, breath-limiting face mask, a dysfunctioning thermometer, and so much more of things you don't necessarily have to struggle with! We made your safety crazy easy with our collection of Personal Protection Equipment. This collection will make your new normal much like the old one.

12-Pack: 3D Support Colorful Face Mask Bracket For Comfortable Breathing


Non Contact Infrared Thermometer


5-Pack: Washable And Reusable Moisture-Wicking Face Mask Bandana & Neck Gaiter


Powder Free Disposable Extra Thick Blue Nitrile Gloves (100-Pack)


Disposable 3-Ply Non-Medical Face Masks w/ Elastic Earloop (50, 100 or 200-Pack)


12-Pack : I GOT My COVID-19 Vaccine Wristband Bracelets with Pin Back Vaccinated Badges


3-Pack: Famous Painting Neck Gaiter Bandana Multifunctional Scarves


Adjustable Face Mask Loop Extender Id Name Badges ,CDC Card Holder Lanyards (10-Pack)


10-Pack: Disposable Protective Full Body Gown With Closed Back Design (Level 3)


Multilayer KN95 Non-Woven Breathable Face Masks with Nose Bridge (5 - 200-Pack)


10-Pack: Reusable Waterproof Transparent Face Shield


Anti Slip Adjustable Ear Protector And Mask Pressure Reducer (4-Pack)


5 Layered Activated Carbon 2.5PM Filters For Face Masks


Women's Comfy Stretchy Headband With Buttons For Masks & Covers(3-Pack)


50-Pack: Disposable 3-Ply Non-Medical Protective Face Masks


Reusable face masks

Face masks are another essential these days, and they seem to be here to stay. When we put together our face mask collection, we decided to make our masks both safe and expressive. Whether you’re into displaying your national pride, voicing your compassion with others, or just showing off some flair, you’ll find what you want in our broad collection of face masks.

Celebrity Bling Rhinestone Washable Face Mask (6-Pack)


6-Pack: Sequined Cotton Fashion Face Masks With Adjustable Ear Loops


5-Pack: Washable And Reusable Moisture-Wicking Face Mask Bandana & Neck Gaiter


3-Pack: Reusable and Washable 3-Layer Non-Medical Face Mask


Magnetic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Clip Diffuser For Face Masks With 2 Optional Oils


6 Pack: Celebrity Holiday Bling Rhinestone Face Mask


3-Pack: Anti-Lost Easy To Carry Reusable Cotton Face Mask With Lanyard Leash


3-Pack: Windproof Winter Reusable Non-Medical Warm Face Mask With Earmuff


6-Pack: Double Layered Adults and Kids Collection Face Mask


9-Pack: Double-Layered Fun Patterned All Day Wear Reusable Face Mask For Kids With Adjustable Earloops


6-Pack: Kids Two-Layered Protective Reusable Face Mask WITH Adjustable Earloops


6-Pack: Fun Patterned Double -Layered Reusable Face Mask For Adults With Adjustable Earloops


9-Pack: Christmas Themed Kids Two-Layered Reusable Face Mask With Adjustable Ear Loops


6-Pack : Fun Designed Holiday Themed Reusable Face Masks


Washable And Reusable Non-Medical Face Protection Mask (10-Pack)


Clear Mouth Expression Smile Communicator Face Mask


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Copyright © 2021 CatchyPrice® - All Rights Reserved.