Full-Length Buttoned Leg Warmers

Full-Length Buttoned Leg Warmers

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These leg warmers will come to the rescue every time you are feeling lazy, want to do nothing and just lounge around the house, in front of the fireplace with a big cup of mocha and when your friends call in for a night on town, just slip into a frilly dress and high boots. Don’t forget to pull up your lacy socks and let them peek a little for the flirty look. Be nice and naughty with the leg warmers.

  • They come neatly packed in Cotton Polyester with a delicate lace on top and big buttons.
  • Come in cozy colors of the season: Black, Latte, Brown, Charcoal, Cream, Grey and Mint.
  • Knee-height leg warmers
  • Can be worn as leg warmers or under tall boots as boot cuffs
  • Button accents
  • Material: wool acrylic
  • Measurements: 55cm x 12cm

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