Professional Broken Hair Finishing And Styling Stick (1 Or 2-Pack)

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Small Broken Hair Finishing Cream is designed as a convenient solution for flyaways, baby hairs, and stray ends. It holds your hair perfectly in place using natural plant oils and helps you achieve your desired styles while strengthening and conditioning your hair.

Deep nourishing - nutrients attach to the surface of the hair and the damaged hair scales expand

Repair wool scales, supplement nourishing - nutrition essence deep into the hair core to fill the lock moisture and nutrition

  • Strong and long-lasting hold
  • Keeps hair dry and non-greasy
  • Strengthens and conditions hair
  • Clear product suitable for all hair colors
  • Suitable for all ages

Petrolatum)/Cyclopentadienyl dimethylsiloxane)/Silica/beeswax/Jojoba seed oil /Evening primrose oil()/Camellia seed oil()/Sorbitol((/kaolin()/Hydrolysis of Silk Protein by Stearic Dimethylammonium Hydroxypropyl(/Avocado extract()/VP/VA copolymer(VP/VA /Phenoxyethanol /water/Hydroxybenzoate()/Hydroxyphenyl propyl ester()/sodium hydroxide(/CI19140/Essence)

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